4th Party Logistics (4PLs)

CYTS-SPIRIT has the 4PLs evolving & advancing to an extent from the legacy 3PLs work scope with specific themes created to address value-add requirements with our clients since Year 2008. The evolution to extend services as a 4PL because many shippers would like to explore cost saving potentials by the selection of a provision partner in supply chain integration. Our 4PL rides on some retain specialty in specific knowledge & skill-sets (ie. IT / MRP / ERP/ direct & indirect sourcing/Freight forwarding/Warehousing and trucking, etc.)so as to define a tailor-made logistics solution. CYTS-SPIRIT would have the profit sharing from the customer’s cost saving.

We are a specialized team with logistician from post-gradated school with 15 years+ hands on experiences managing multiple suppliers to offer supply chain strategies, business process re-engineering, IT integration and HR management services. It would leverage our existing warehousing and trucking platform to further establish a reliable logistics system.

CYTS-SPIRIT 4PL Advantages and functions
CYTS-SPIRIT is originally a leading 3PL enterprise. Our services have been covering Hong Kong, Guangdong Province, Shanghai and Tianjin. Integrated with the logistics infrastructures of other associated companies’ and franchisees’, we could offer total solutions in all China main ports along east coast, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We have a strict requirement in service quality and value-added services applying to all offices for continuous development and compliance. CYTS-SPIRIT leads to ensure “Responsiveness, Quality Services and Cost Competitiveness” over our networks.

Globalization trade and integration supply chain management are inevitable running logistics businesses. Overseas agents or multi-national enterprises should focus on their core businesses and consider partnership in developing 4PL platform with CYTS-SPIRIT. Our readily available solutions with convincing references could help in achievement with “Responsiveness, Quality Services and Cost Competitiveness”. We are in the second phase to integrate our 4PL over USA, Europe, Mid East, Far East, Korea, Japan and China main ports for the globalized supply chain management. We would not be only entrenched in the general provisions as “3PL managers” to coordinate the overall fulfillment processes B2B2C, but also intervene with supply chain re-engineering, based on shipper/consignee strategic requirements, to real time offer dynamic logistics strategies so as to maximize the operation efficiency and formation of the best industrial solution for customers.