Sea Freight

FCL, LCL Consol box and Buyer consolidation program are all our regular businesses with trade lanes from/to USA, Europe, Canada, Dubai, India, Colombo, Australia, Far East, Korea, Japan and China Main ports. Over 2500 TEUs export consol boxes are arranged in Hong Kong and Shenzhen annually. Another 1500 TEUs of import consol boxes are being handled with 70% for transshipment and 30% for local delivery. We have our own CFS warehouse located in Kwai Chung Hutchison Logistics Centre with an area of 70,000 sq.ft. serving over 150 friendly coloaders. This is a strong platform to build quality consol boxes and start up new trade lanes with industrial supports. It is a unique operation model having our own CFS, tractor/trailor and ton-truck facilities in running our freight forwarding business. We assist our overseas agent to expand their market coverage utilizing our funnel system to convey their shipments from Far East and China Main Ports to their cities using Hong Kong as a strategic hub.