Air Freight

Airfreight Export Service
Air Export is a traditional core service of CYTS-SPIRIT. We provide one-stop export service that includes palletizing, trucking, warehousing, customs declaration and value-added services. By the late 2010’, freight forwarders should examine the export capacity and privileges amongst CAN, SZX and HKG as the integral solutions considering the export Customs requirements and costs along the supply chain door-to-door. We always provide premium direct flight services (1~2 days committed solutions) and transit services (with 2~4 days T/T from SQ, TK, RU, TG, EK, CA, MU) for client selection. All-in rate for south bound cargoes with courier/chartered truck services and/or north bound cargoes with bonded truck or green channel solutions would be provided assisting customers/overseas agents for highest cost competitiveness and service reliability.

Airfreight Import Service
CYTS-SPIRIT offers door-to-door delivery service for cargoes transported from major cities to Hong Kong or Guangzhou. We are a scheduled collection agent in Hong Kong cargo Terminals and entitle having a fixed time slot 8am~9am every morning to collect over 10 tons shipments from various ports. Our truck fleet could finish all customs clearance formalities and leave airport 9am. Premium services to send goods to customer before noon time and normal services to deliver all cargoes to door by 6pm within the same day are not a problem in CYTS-SPIRIT. Consignees/agents may collect shipments from our Tsuen Wan Airfreight warehouse by 11:59am regularly.